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Shark Bay's Eagle Bluff boardwalk and marine wildlife viewing platform.
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A great place to view rare marine life 

Located approximately 20 km south from Denham, this area is named after the osprey or sea eagles which nest on the rock island just offshore. It boasts a boardwalk which extends over the ocean and from this you can see the Useless Loop salt pile as well as dugongs can be seen during summer when they come in close to shore to feed on the massive sea grass meadows in the Shark Bay area.

The warm, shallow waters of this bay abound in fish species such as whiting and mullet which attract dozens of sharks to feed.

The deeper channel water contain many colourful species of coral making it great for snokelling if you don't mind sharing the water with the sharks.

Eagle’s Bluff also marks the spot where Captain H.M. Denham carved the inscription on a rock in 1858 from which the town derives its name. The rock is now placed in Pioneer Park in the township of Denham because it was fragile and breaking away from the Bluff.

Eagle Bluff Panorama - Shark Bay, WA
The Clif Top Boardwalk over Shark Bay
The Lookout, Eagle Bluff, Shark Bay
The View South over Shark Bay waterways